Travel Bug

Exploring the World.

Once bitten…

I remember travelling with my family when I was young. My dad being a truck driver, he was always determined to take either the most scenic or the most direct route depending on his mood, it seemed. Think Griswold Vacation meets Smokey and the Bandit – that was our best chance at exploring the world outside of Ontario. Taking pictures of rocks or trees as the whizzed by was such a thrill. One could hardly wait for the roll of film to develop only to find that one awesome photo of, well ROCKS! We are from Canada.

Like most young adults, travelling with friends to parts unknown offered its own thrills and misadventures. Unlike our family trips, pit stops were more frequent, photos were taken while standing still and suddenly the world felt like it was so much bigger than we remembered just a short time ago. I remember one particular girls trip to Killbear – the goal was to catch one great photo of a moose and low and behold we found one. Our camera was crappy, the photo fuzzy and to my chagrin, I haven’t seen one since and it is now the goal each time we head North of Parry Sound.

In time, the road trips grew longer with new destinations to explore, and I found myself in North Carolina with a shiny new digital camera and a firm itinerary. The goal was to see as much history as possible, from Dale Earnhardt to Michael Jordan and every bit of architecture in between. My travel partner and I explored a race track, show rooms, universities and for the first time in my life I dipped my toes into the ocean. The travel fever was settling in. Again, I rushed home to see the beautiful pictures of the Sarah P. Duke Gardens and Nags Head and this time I scored a few good shots!

You may see a theme here, as travelling to new places has always been a thrill, it would never have been the same without a camera in hand. At the time it didn’t phase me, that is what everyone does, right? What I didn’t realize was how photo’s and the need to explore new places would become such a passion.

It wasn’t until a business trip brought me to Chicago that I realized just how much I missed, no needed to explore the world an create beautiful images. A very wise colleague of mine recommended arranging my flight times to allow me some free time to explore. I spent a few hours on the Chicago Riverboat Architecture Tour and I was hooked.

Chicago River.

I do enjoy photographing families, children and newborn but my passion is getting out in nature – a beautiful landscape can captivate me for hours. I also truly enjoy architecture and exploring big cities on foot. It is amazing how tranquil a busy city can be.

My adventures have taken me to some pretty cool places but I have so many more on my bucket list. My goal over the next year is to work hard on developing my work and creating beautiful pieces of art through my lens. Bear with me, not only am I new to sharing my work, I am new to blogging 🙂

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Heading image – St. Lucia from our helicopter (Feb 2018)